Superstarz Website Design Launched

We’ve recently completed the design for the new Superstarz website.

For the site, we wanted to create a light & bright on-line presence based on the existing Superstarz brand and artwork. We understood the majority of site visitors would be from mobile or tablet devices so a user-friendly, responsive site was a must. Since launching the website, we’ve also worked with Superstarz to create additional promotional material. Find out more below.

Techniques Used In The New Superstarz Website

Responsive Superstarz Website

The Superstarz website is fully responsive and is optimised for all screen sizes. It looks just as good and is just as user-friendly on a mobile screen as it is on a desktop monitor.

The new site also had to be light, bright and colourful to match the Superstarz brand.

We understand that a website is not the only on-line space a brand occupies. Managing these requirements can be tough so we wanted to assist Superstarz by combining their web and social commitments. Recent Facebook posts are visible throughout, as are likes, comments and other interactions.

We also wanted to create a dynamic site. So we built on top of a popular, secure content management system enabling the Superstarz crew to safely and easily provide news updates, post images and video and showcase the best of what they have to offer.

We’ve created with reliability and security in mind. Behind the scenes, is supported by Cloudflare, who provide caching and assist with content delivery using their globally distributed content delivery network. The Cloudflare system also helps limit exposure to potential threats and attackers.

Our servers also create regular, automatic content and database backups so if the worst does happen, the Superstarz team will be back up and running in no time.

Ongoing Design Elements

Superstarz CMS User GuideSince completing the website, we’ve continued to work with Superstarz to produce a range of media. Including updating the Superstarz price list, producing versions optimised for both screen and print.

More recently, we’ve produced media that has been used by Superstarz for a promotional Facebook engagement post.

Finally, to help the Superstarz crew make the most of their new content management system we also put together a how-to guide covering the ins and outs of creating, posting and managing their content.

Check out the Superstarz site at now. Let us know what you think!

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